Sawan Sangran is a Hindu festival that is celebrated every year in Jogyano Sar (yogi Top) at an altitude of about 9200 feet above the sea level. Jogyano Sar is tallest peak of Mount Elum (a mountain range which connects Swat and Buner). Here Ram Takht (Ram’s throne) is the most sacred place according to Hindu mythology. They firmly believe that Ram Chandar Jee Mahraj have spent a brief period of his secluded life here. Ram Chandar Jee lived here with his beloved wife Sita to meditate and cogitate.

StairsAshnan Water Pit

 Hindus congregate here one day before the monsoons set in. They festoon the throne with golden and silver clothes and colourful papers, place joss sticks on the way and around Ram Takht. They participate in this ritual with extraordinary dedication and sincerity. They engage in worship and recitation of their holy book on the first night of monsoons lost all the night in this sacred ceremony. At dawn, all the pilgrims climb up the Ram Takht headed by their religious leader or Pundit. The leader performs several religious rituals after which Prashad (blessed confectionary) is distributed among all the pilgrims. They circle around the Ram Takht for heavenly blessing and fasten holy threads and bracelets around their wrists and bring some for their near and dear ones. In this way the festival comes to an end. In order to participate in this festival, several male and female worshippers journey from far-off lands and reach here after enduring several ordeals and tribulations.

Ram Takht Yatra Ram Takht Yatra
By Naveed Hussain, Lecturer in English