Stone Carving in Valley Swat

The land of swat, ancient Udyana,Stone Carving in Valley Swat remarkably shared the artistic and cultural progress manifested over the centuries in Gandahara proper, but geographically and ethnically it effectively kept its separate identity.

Ornamented Valley Swat

The history of ornaments is last in time.Ornamented Valley Swat Female have occupied the central stage since the inception of human beings in to this world and due to the excessive attention and interest she has aroused and received from men, she has always

Handicrafts of Swat

Apart from the influences from otherHandy Crafts of Valley Swat tradition, the artisans of Swat have established their own footprints in the art of embroidery and garments. The peculiar and typical Sharai (woolen shawl for men) is specially weaved and made from local

Wood Carving in Valley Swat

Gandahara art flourished and producedWood Carving in Valley Swat some of the best pieces of art and sculpture of all time during Buddhist period in Swat. Stone carving or tracery was the favorite pursuit of the artisans of that age and they carved

Embroidery of Swat

The origin of embroidery has a long andEmbroidary in Valley Swat time-tested history and is recorded in the annals of history from time immemorial. The art was perfected in ancient Egypt, Northern Europe and China. Intricately designed and embroidered clothing,